[mythtv-users] Stupid Question?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sat Dec 25 17:25:40 UTC 2004

Søren Pingel Dalsgaard wrote:

> Is Mythtv available for Windows XP or is Windows just too crippled 
> when it comes to accessing tuner cards as devices?

There are many other Windows based products you could choose from.  
MythTV is written for Linux and other UNIX-like variants and as such, 
does not immediately work with Windows as the programming model is very 
different.  That being said, there is work to run the MythTV frontend 
software on Windows using cygwin to port the code and use features like 
DirectX for video playback, etc.  It is not as mature as other ports to, 
for example, MacOSX.  You can search the archives for information the 
progress of the cygwin port.  In the past, information was also posted 
here: http://clue.eng.iastate.edu/~superm1/ but I don't know how up to 
date that is.  Mythtv.info also has information on the various ports and 
their sites.



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