[mythtv-users] Good news for pcHDTV folks - new drivers out today

Steve Frank steve.frank at bevcore.com
Fri Dec 24 19:39:01 UTC 2004

I installed the 1.5 drivers yesterday.

I did the same thing the previous version's readme did.  I untarred it,
put ran make, make install, and minstall. They work fine for me, though
I'm on an older 2.6 kernel with my PCHDTV box.

I did not build a custom kernel. I'm using a stock FC3 kernel.

I did have to mess with UDEV entries to get it to work on boot.
Technically the minstall script doesn't quite work right for FC3.

For me, the new driver works about the same without so many console
warnings.  I have not tried working them into an install with ivyTV
drivers, as this box isn't going to touch my production mythbox until I
figure out why audio isn't working consistently, a problem I've had for
a while. :-)

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On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 22:56:19 -0500, john roberts <homepagez at lycos.com>
> Good news - looks like the v1.5 drivers were released today.
> I've had good luck with them under 2.6.9.

Yes, I would call it just that, "luck".

Has anyone else had a look at the 1.5 drivers?  If so, were you brave
enough to try to follow the README(s) included?  I am not that brave.

I found three README files, two called README and one called
These files could hardly be called "complete installation instructions".

John, if you truly did succeed in getting the 1.5 drivers to work, would
you be kind enough to tell the rest of us, in detail, how you did it?

Did you build a new kernel?  How did you figure out what the READMEs
instruct us to do?  I certainly will not risk a working system by trying
to follow an incomplete set of instructions.  Just two nights ago, I was
able, for the first time, to watch HDTV and SDTV on side-by-side TV
"King of Queens" was the program, and while it's not an HDTV Showcase
program, the difference blew me away.

I would love to try the new 1.5 drivers, but not if it means missing the
Packers-Vikings game in HDTV, due to my inability to follow the READMEs.

Thanks for any details you might be willing to post here, so that the
rest of us HD-3000 owners might be able to move up to 1.5.


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