[mythtv-users] Help with choices for new HDTV card (US)

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Fri Dec 24 14:18:22 UTC 2004

Chuck Lloyd wrote:
> I'm trying to decide what route to take for HDTV here in the US.
> I'll be starting with OTA but would like to go to Cable/QAM.
> It seems to me there are two choices. The HD-3000 and the 
> ATSC/8VSB HDTV PCI Card (SkyStar Chip?)
> What I gather from the specs is that the HD-3000 has a more
> flexible frontend but the SkyStar chip has less processor load.
> Because its front-end is more flexible, the possibility exists
> for the HD-3000 to handle QAM.
> Anyone know for sure? Has anyone tried both?

I would not make any decisions counting on the ability to be able to 
receive HD channels over cable long-term.  The solutions are not in 
place today, and Hollywood, the TV networks, and the cable operators are 
getting less consumer-friendly on a daily basis, it seems.  July 2005 is 
looming; I would not count on much new hardware before then.  Even 
if/when the pcHDTV folks produce a firmware image capable of tuning QAM, 
you are at the mercy of your cable company as to whether they encrypt 
your stations now or in future.

OTA is a different story because the hardware and standards are in 
place: your local TV station can't require you to have a "cable" box, 
and so must maintain compatibility.

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