[mythtv-users] nvtv users - non-root cmd line use?

Dave Caplinger dent at cox.net
Fri Dec 24 02:00:58 UTC 2004

If you use 'nvtv' to overscan your nvidia card AND you run mythtv as a
non-root user, are you able to call nvtv from the commandline and have
it do it's work?

I've googled for answers and searched the mailing list/forums at the
nvtv site but haven't come up with anything yet to explain the following

I'm running Fedora Core 2 with Mythtv (thanks Jarod), using a GeForce
2MX AGP card w/ S-Video out to my TV.  Mythfrontend runs as the 'mythtv'
user which is auto-logged in.  Finally, I have the 'nvtvd' daemon
running so non-root users can run 'nvtv' to control overscan, etc.  When
a non-root user runs 'nvtv' at a shell prompt with the command-line
options, like this:

	/home/mythtv/nvtv-0.4.7-bin/nvtv -S NTSC -s LARGE -r 800,600 \
	 --set Brightness#:-25

then instead of just setting the options I want and being done with it,
the nvtv GUI launches and sets all of the options I specified -- but
doesn't actually 'apply' them.

So every time I boot my myth box (granted, not very often!) there's a
minor annoyance that I have to manually click 'Apply' and quit nvtv.
Are you seeing this too and just ignoring it, or have you found a good

Dave Caplinger

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