[mythtv-users] Weird Freezing Problem - Hopefully My Last Problem

Kieron Wilkinson lists at softpres.org
Thu Dec 23 09:41:02 UTC 2004

David Bosiljevac wrote:
> Hi all,
> Quickly, my setup is as follows:
> - ivtv 0.1.9.
> - AMD XP 3200+, 1 GB RAM, 1 x 120 GB IDE drive, 2 x 120 GB S-ATA drives striped
> together (this is where my recording data goes)
> - Myth 0.16

Getting similar here with a similar configuration (but bt848 capture 
card). My system freezes and I don't even have to have mythfrontend 
open, just the backend. Intially I thought it was down to a faulty hard 
disk, but I had that replaced and it still happens. My data directory is 
two partitions striped together and ext3. I was thinking of changing 
both of those to see if it made any difference.

The short time I used 0.15 I did not get crashes, so I have been 
thinking of going back to that to see if it makes any difference. I'll 
let you know if I have any success next week.

Kieron Wilkinson

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