[mythtv-users] prob. w/ backend connectivity on ep. deletes from frontend & generally from mythweb

mythtv-users.mythtv.org at tgice.com mythtv-users.mythtv.org at tgice.com
Thu Dec 23 19:35:24 UTC 2004

Chris Petersen wrote:

> Do you just have one backend running?  I've heard of mythweb causing 
> the backend to hang/refuse connections, requiring it to be restarted, 
> but not recently, and only when trying to delete shows located on a 
> slave backend.

I just thought of something else that I don't think you meant in your 
question, but that's always bugged me and I suppose *may* have some 
impact here.

I'm using that (Debian-source, I guess) start-stop-daemon routine to 
kick off mythbackend on startup, and I don't know if that causes this to 
happen or if mythbackend does it itself, but a ton of mythbackend 
daemons get launched.  I don't know if these all start right away, but 
e.g., I've got 16 separate instances of mythbackend running right now.  
(For the record, it's always been like this and I've never had problems 
before like the one I described).

Do you know why there are so many daemons?  I know I've seen similar 
behavior with packages like apache, et al, but there you have some 
control over how many max daemons you allow, etc.

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