[mythtv-users] Local Host

mythtv-users.mythtv.org at tgice.com mythtv-users.mythtv.org at tgice.com
Thu Dec 23 19:01:24 UTC 2004

Kenny Votava wrote:

>I orginally set up my Mythbox with the default local host IP address
>and it worked fine, but my samba server would not work with my windows
>machines.  So i changed the name of my Mythbox to something else other
>than Localhost and now my mythtv will not work.  Can someone help me
>with the perstering problem?
Might need to run through the mythtv setup program again (it's an X 
program that you ran to setup the capture cards and all), found in 
../mythtv-0.16/setup/setup.  I think in the general settings or 
something there's a place to define the hostname of the machine.


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