[mythtv-users] TV Output

Stephen Williams stephen.gw at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 15:15:47 UTC 2004

> The strange thing now is that already video playback is OK the
> bottom and right of the menus seems to be chopped off. I have
> both the GUI and the default playback size set for 720x576 at
> the moment.

That's to be expected. You'll need to setup Myth to scale  the GUI
such that it fits on your particular TV, this is take into account how
much you TV overscans the image. The amount of overscan varies from TV
to TV, and depending on how well alligned the gun is on your
particular 'set may not be equal top/bottom left/right. It's always
going to a manual tuning exercise to get it looking just right your
own 'set.

> The other wierd thing is that the OSD text doesn't look right
> at all. It was fine with the S-Video corruption but now looks
> like is being subject to some horrid scaling that is causing
> bits of it to be lost or something.

Odd, not sure about this one. Personally the OSD looks fine on my
system, maybe its to do with the font you're using? Hopefully somebody
else can try and explain this...


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