[mythtv-users] Video/Deinterlacing/Sound problems (XvMC)

Brian Bartlow mythtv at roostervision.com
Wed Dec 22 05:01:21 UTC 2004

Tj wrote:

> If you find your cpu couldn't keep up, maybe add some compile options 
> to gcc when building myth may help? There are options you can set in 
> config.mak and settings.pro - OPTFLAGS option and 

I recompiled with march=Athlon-XP, but it still isn't fast enough to do 
everything without XvMC.  However XvMC is working now, but I'm running 
into problems with the OSD.  It's B&W which isn't a huge problem, but it 
causes serious stuttering of the video and audio when it's on screen, 
and every so often it will lock up the frontend.  I'll get a message 
stating "Waited too long for decoder to pause"  Whatever that means.

I've read through some messages and the only "solution" I've seen is to 
buy a faster processor and use Xv.  Not much of a solution for me.  I 
also tried removing the fade feature of the OSD, but that didn't work.

So I'm wondering if this problem is fairly common, or is it fixed and I 
haven't heard, or what?


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