[mythtv-users] Need help with HDTV Out Jitter

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Tue Dec 21 20:15:51 UTC 2004

Steve Frank wrote:
> Thanks Doug. That modeline results in little or no change. Are you doing
> 960X540p out of DVI? It appears that's where the issue is. The N frame
> is about 8 pixels above the N+1 frame.  Interlacing and running at 1080i
> gets the frames a little closer to each other, but not converged.

I use a VGA->Component Video converter to a Sony direct-view CRT HDTV. 
I'm showing GUI at 960x540, video at 1920x540, and std def stuff at 720x480.

It's my experience that DVI reports the modes it wants to use back to 
the video card, the video card uses them, and you don't have much 
influence over the situation.  But this was a year and a half ago; maybe 
things have changed.

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