[mythtv-users] lircd on reboot

Schweizer Laurent laurent.schweizer at eivd.ch
Tue Dec 21 19:44:00 UTC 2004



I use mythtv (cvs) and I have an error with lircd when I reboot the pc.


When I start the frontend from ssh all is ok but when the frontend is
started on start-up then it is not working. (I have a pvr 350 and I have
compiled mythtv with native support for lcid).


I have tried to start irw on start-up and all is ok


 I also see in log that lircd accept mythtv but the connection is removed


Dec 21 20:32:53 mediapc lircd 0.7.1-CVS[3731]: accepted new client on

Dec 21 20:32:53 mediapc lircd 0.7.1-CVS[3731]: removed client

Dec 21 20:39:27 mediapc sshd[3845]: Accepted password for root from
::ffff: port 2028 ssh2






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