[mythtv-users] Guide data problems

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Tue Dec 21 19:45:36 UTC 2004

> My provider is Eastlink (Analog), and my postal code is B0M 1P0.  I find  that 
> the problem is most common on my channel  26 (YTV). Or perhaps I notice it 
> the most there because I like to record some of their evening programming.

 Me too,(I'm on Eastlink as well) I've seen this problem but it appears to 
have gotten a lot worse in the past month. Before it was only visible 
if you went a week ior more ahead. I've been hoping its just a temporary 

> I just had a peek at my program guide, and data for most of the Canadian 
> channels in the guide is missing from 8:00 to midnight on December 31.  There 

 I can confirm this, I've seen this too, though I don't see it on any of my 
BEV guide data (I have both BEV and cable)

> Here's some speculation:  What if the data is inputted each day by the zap2it 
> people, originally in Pacific time.  When I try to fetch it, data gets 
> retrieved from midnight till 8 PM, but the last 4 hours is missing, since it 
> belongs to the next day in the data source time zone.  Somehow mythtv doesn't 
> recognise that the data is incomplete, and doesn't try to fetch it again 
> until d-1. 

 Well in this case the bext way to find out would be to capture a copy of the 
data myth is pulling from them and looking manually for anything in the 
missing time frame.

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