[mythtv-users] RAID on Fedora Core 3?

Yan-Fa Li yanfali at best.com
Tue Dec 21 08:22:22 UTC 2004

Not sure what it is you are looking for ?  Low price or port density. 
One trades off the other.  Just one rule, stay away from Promise. 
Pretty much everything available today is good enough.

I quite like the Silicon Image 680 based cards.  Very cheap and work 
quite well.  I've used CMD based cards reliably over the years. 
HighPoint has reasonable driver support for the 37X family.  Some of the 
newer chipsets are beta.  Anything that's not SATA should have excellent 
support.  3Ware is good choice if you have lots of money and need lots 
of density per PCI slot or 64bit support.

Check the archives for the recent RAID thread, it rehashes almost 
everything you want to know.  Just remember with that many drives you're 
ultimate gate is PCI 32bit/33MHz performance.  Which realistically is 
about 40-80MB/s depending on wether you're reading or writing.  To get 
any higher you'll need PCI-X or PCIe.

Hopefully the new NForce4 boards which are about to hit the market will 
give us PCIe for Athlon 64.


Max Waterman wrote:
> While I am waiting for opinions, I am coming to the conclusion that 
> Highpoint is a name to look for.
> Is this right?
> Max.
> Max Waterman wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to build a MythTV/dvarchive box. I bought 4 Promise 
>> Ultra100TX2 PCI cards, but found that they wouldn't work
>> with more than 2 in a system :(
>> I was going to use linux s/w raid over the drives.
>> I know you guys must use plenty of raid setups, so thought you'd be 
>> the best to advise on which types are best.
>> I am running FC3, and have 4 WD800/8 and 4 WD2000/8 drives that I want 
>> to be two RAID5 volumes. I am running
>> on a nForce3 250Gb, so network traffic is not a problem with the PCI 
>> bus, but gfx/video output maybe is (I haven't
>> chosen my final gfx/video setup, but am currently using a cheap TNT2 
>> gfx card).
>> I heard that Promise is giving 'lack-lustre' Linux support, so I'm 
>> totally open to not using Promise cards. I also heard
>> that cards which do h/w RAID will give less load on the PCI bus.
>> How should I do this? What h/w?
>> Max.
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