[mythtv-users] RAID on Fedora Core 3?

Max Waterman davidmaxwaterman at fastmail.co.uk
Tue Dec 21 04:12:24 UTC 2004


I am trying to build a MythTV/dvarchive box. I bought 4 Promise 
Ultra100TX2 PCI cards, but found that they wouldn't work
with more than 2 in a system :(

I was going to use linux s/w raid over the drives.

I know you guys must use plenty of raid setups, so thought you'd be the 
best to advise on which types are best.

I am running FC3, and have 4 WD800/8 and 4 WD2000/8 drives that I want 
to be two RAID5 volumes. I am running
on a nForce3 250Gb, so network traffic is not a problem with the PCI 
bus, but gfx/video output maybe is (I haven't
chosen my final gfx/video setup, but am currently using a cheap TNT2 gfx 

I heard that Promise is giving 'lack-lustre' Linux support, so I'm 
totally open to not using Promise cards. I also heard
that cards which do h/w RAID will give less load on the PCI bus.

How should I do this? What h/w?


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