[mythtv-users] Netboot <> FC2&3

Joel Anderson bitjunkie at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 02:12:30 UTC 2004

> People,
> I've been trying to get netbooting working under both FC2 and FC3
> with no success.  I've been able to track down that somewhere between
> RH9 and FC2, Red Hat screwed up netbooting.  I've found a number
> of problems relating to specific issues with the kernel, and I'm
> currently
> getting a kernel panic because FC3 thinks that XFree86 is trying to
> access
> something in the hardware layer directly.  At least that's what the
> error
> says.
> So, I'm now thinking I will punt for now and just do an install of the
> os and
> install myth onto an nfs partition.  Does this make sense?  I'm
> interested
> in doing this mainly for the frontend to be quiet.  If I can boot the
> machine and then spin down the hard drive, it would be a nice
> compromise.
> Do I have any other options?  Can I netboot Debian or Gentoo from
> Fedora?

I finally got my FC2 to netboot, but ended up doing it using the root
nfs method which seemed simpler than figuring out what was wrong with
the initrd method that RH used (and broke).  I had to compile a bunch
of stuff into the kernel to get this to work, such as my nic driver,
nfs and "root on nfs" support.  There was something else but I don't
recall off the top of my head.  It was a pain and took a while, but it
works pretty well.


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