[mythtv-users] Beginner Question

jgvp jgvp at cogeco.ca
Mon Dec 20 21:26:56 UTC 2004

Just in case you ( all ) have never come across this card, what's your 
( all ) thinking about it ? Does this, disregard the cost for a moment, 
fit the bill ? Sorry if it comes as no surprise, I'm just a nooby 
struggling to come to grips with this.


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> Again, AFAIK, there is no consumer-level HD analog capture solution.
> You can't capture HD over composite or S-Video, and a component video
> capture card would cost > $USD 1000.  So, *theoretically*, yes, an HD
> component video capture solution would get around the encryption issue,
> in the same way that composite/svideo capture currently gets around the
> encryption issue for SD (NTSC) digital cable content.  However, an
> analog HD capture solution would require that your PC (or capture card)
> re-encode the raw analog video frames into a digital form, which would
> require some serious horsepower.  Think about it: it takes a 2-3 GHz P4
> just to *decode* HD content for playback; to *encode* it in real time
> would take quite a bit more than that.  A hardware encoder card that
> would handle HD content would like be several thousand dollars.  It's
> just not likely to be a viable or cost-effective solution any time
> soon.
> -JAC

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