[mythtv-users] Slovenian mythweb ???

eRik erik.robnik at gaudeamus.si
Mon Dec 20 17:15:26 UTC 2004


My mythweb version is "0.16-63-at", so I don't think this will be a 

Allso I couldn't find file  includes/translate.php, so I just drop 
Slovenian.php to languages directory and now I can choose Slovenian language 
in "Settings/MythWeb/Language".

But when I click any other link on page Language goes back to English and so 
on... So only page that I can read in SLovenian language is this 

Any Ideea???


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>> Does anybody know where/what to change in xxxxx.php files to make
>> Slovenian.php running???
> You should just be able to drop it into the languages directory, and add
> it to $Languages in includes/translate.php (guess I need to add that to
> the translations howto).
> Make sure that your translation is against cvs -- it's totally different
> from .16 mythweb.
> -Chris


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