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Matt Mencel mr-mencel at wiu.edu
Mon Dec 20 15:16:20 UTC 2004

Well...once I realized I had the cabling all screwed up...duh...

So now I definitely am getting a signal on the TV-OUT.  I get a test pattern
now when I run the 'saa7127 test_image=1'. Initially when I ran the saa7127
in normal mode all I got was the green screen, but I found a post mentioning
the need to change one of the registers (I think that's right)... So I did
that and now I get alternating white/pink diagonal stripes across the
screen.  I believe I may need to apply the tuner patch from ivtv.no-ip.com
and have submitted a separate post on that issue.


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> > I just purchased some new hardware and am building a MythTV 
> box based 
> > on Jarod Wilson's HOWTO at http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/fcmyth.php.
> > I've gotten
> > to the portion of the HOWTO, after installing the ivtv stuff using 
> > apt-get, where I send a test signal to the TV-Out of the PVR-350.  
> > When I do that all I see on the TV is snow.  I moved on to the next 
> > step to see if I couldrecord and view the signal coming in 
> on my cable 
> > line into the FM connector and again all I got was snow.
> Sounds like it is working. There is no "test pattern" AFAIK 
> and your reception of "snow" indicated you are looking at the 
> rf in connector of your card. My suggestion at this point is 
> to continue with the myth install. Once compiled and 
> installed you should be have complete control of your card 
> and view/record something.
> I never had much luck getting the card to output anything 
> useful using the command line interface.

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