[mythtv-users] Removing Channels

Jeff Simpson llcooljeff at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 03:11:41 UTC 2004

This may seem like a silly question, but what is the correct way to
remove channels? I went into mythsetup and set a few channels that
don't come in as not-visible. This made them not show up in the
Program Guide for recording, but channel up/down still scroll through

I have digital cable (comcast) and there are a TON of channels that I
won't get. I'd like to remove all of them so that it doesn't make me
think I can record movies that I can't. Additionally, the way the
channel-change program is designed, changing to some of these channels
will fail, making it try for a few minutes, eventually turning off the
cablebox, which is rather annoying.

Thanks for the help!

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