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Jason potuncle at enjoyingeugene.com
Sat Dec 18 07:38:18 UTC 2004

My second, and current, MythTV box is an Asus Pundit (not the Pundit-R) 
with a 2.4 Mhz P4 (overclocked to 2.8), 256MB RAM, and a PVR-350.
On my first MythTV box, (with was a 400 Mhz AMD K-6) I was using the 
PVR-350's video out. It definitely took some work to get the video-out 
working, but now with more recent versions of IVTV and much better 
documentation around, it would be much easier for you than it was for 
me. When I got the Pundit, I gave the built-in video-out a try (via 
S-video) and found the image to be very satisfactory on my 27". Though 
the image may be slightly better with the 350's TV-out but, for now, I 
rather not go through the hassle for a negligible difference. Another 
reason I am not setting up the 350's video-out is because I just 
purchased a PC-HDTV card. My Pundit does seem to HDTV test clips 
without stuttering, and the PVR-350 can't output HDTV without it being 
transcoded (so no live tv). Also the built in video has DVI out, so 
when I get a HDTV TV I'll be able that connection versus the S-video.

Hope that helps,


On Dec 17, 2004, at 5:19 PM, Phill Edwards wrote:

>>> I'm thinking about getting two Hauppauge PVR-250 capture
>>> cards so that I can record (or watch) more than one channel
>>> at a time. I also need another card that has video-out,
>>> correct? What card would you all recommend for this?
> nVidia-based cards seem to be pretty good. I have a nVidia GeForce
> MX440 with 64MB RAM and 8x AGP. This works fine. Also, there seems to
> be lots of good support on nVidia in the MythTV community.
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