[mythtv-users] DTIVO v. MythTV (Pvr-350) Quality

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Fri Dec 17 20:16:27 UTC 2004

> If I switch over from a DirecTiVo to MythTV will I notice a decline in 
> recording quality?  I will output from a pvr-350 card (still using the 

	PVR recording quality is all about the quality of your source feed.
The cleaner the signal is, the better your output will be regardless of 
compression rate. If there is any noise or defects in your video signal, those
will be magnified the analog->digital conversion process.

	If you would be satisfied with a Tivo hooked up to a satellite 
set-top box then you should be satisfied with MythTV doing the same thing.


	I've hooked up Tivos (Series1 & 2 standalone) to analog cable, mixed 
analog/digital cable and DishTV. Defects in the source system have always 
been my biggest problem, even when recording in "Best" mode.

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