[mythtv-users] DTIVO v. MythTV (Pvr-350) Quality

Joe Barnhart joebarnhart at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 17 17:49:26 UTC 2004

--- Drew Zerdecki <dzerdecki at gmail.com> wrote:

> If I switch over from a DirecTiVo to MythTV will I
> notice a decline in 
> recording quality?  

I'm using DirecTV with my "normal" Tivo, which records
the analog output of the receiver.  To be honest, the
quality of most DirecTV channels is so poor that you
can't tell the difference between the receiver's
output and the recorded version -- even when recording
with pretty high compression.  DirecTV signals for
local channels is as poor as it gets, IMHO.  I'm
thoroughly disgusted with satellite and it wouldn't
take much to convince me to dump DirecTV altogether.

I'm now recording my local channels via ATSC
over-the-air (from 45 miles away) and the quality is
breathtaking.  I guess I'd miss South Park and the
crew at OCC if I dumped my satellite, tho.

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