[mythtv-users] MythTVMediaCenter theme and OSD updated

Jason Gabriele jason.gabriele at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 17:18:22 UTC 2004

 >couple of things that i would change (if i had a vote :-):

 >EPG: if you set the number of channel to display to a bigger value 
that >the
 >default then the arrows on the end of shows which spill over into the 
 >time period overlap and look bad.

I am aware that it does that. However, I wanted the arrows to cover the 
entire side of the column so they need to be the size they are now. 
Maybe in the future when the new mythui comes out, it will have support 
for svg and be able to scale some of these images.

 >there are places where frames around selections and buttons don't line 
 >up. not
 >earth shattering, but it looks less than perfect. an example is 
 >Centre->System Status

In some situations, I could not get the images to line up how I wanted 
them. however, I will look into it again.

 >mythweb: the program description text is nailed to the left hand side 
of >the
 >screen and is in a much bigger and bolder font that he rest of the site.
 >nicer than the default.

I'm afraid I couldnt figure out what you were referring to. What page 
are you talking about?

 >menus: it would look better if menus with less that 6 items bunched 
the >menu
 >items together and didn't put all that space between them. put them 
all >at
 >the top.
I wanted this also and I think I just figured out how to make it happen. 
I work on it for a future release.


Jason Gabriele
jason.gabriele at gmail dot com

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