[mythtv-users] Adding extra recorder disk space for Christmas !

Jason Ramey majordomo at permutation.org
Fri Dec 17 13:01:28 UTC 2004

One thing to remember with XFS, particularly for short-term storage, is 
that XFS partitions cannot be shrank, only enlarged. I'm running into 
this problem right now on my myth box, I want to re-allocate some space 
to another partition.
William wrote:

>>This is just my opinion, your milage may vary. The way I would add the extra
>>drive is to add the drive and then create a LVM. Add the new drive to the
>>LVM and then transfer all your files to the new drive. Once the old drive is
>>empty you can reformat it and add it to the LVM. That is how I added a
>>second drive to my system. Once everything is transfered change the
>>recording location to your new drive group.
>>I see you are using ext3, you will probably get a decent improvement in
>>performance if you set up your LVM with either xfs or jfs. Both of those
>>handle large files better than ext3.

Jason Ramey
majordomo at permutation.org

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