[mythtv-users] Adding extra recorder disk space for Christmas !

Terry Barnaby terry1 at beam.ltd.uk
Fri Dec 17 06:52:40 UTC 2004

Marc Nicholas wrote:
> Well, you didn't mention what FS you use....but, what's wrong with an
> overlay mount or just mounting at that mount point?
> -marc
> On 12/16/04 10:58 AM, "Terry Barnaby" <terry1 at beam.ltd.uk> wrote:
>>I would like to add an extra disk, temporarily, to my server for Christmas
>>recording storage.
>>I would like to do something like add multiple directororys to the
>>MythTv "Directory to hold recordings" setting like:
>>Has anyone any ideas on how to easily do this ?
>>This is temporary, and so I don't want to get involved in raid etc etc
>>mythtv-users mailing list
>>mythtv-users at mythtv.org

Sorry, the system is Linux Fedora2 using ext3 file system.

I didn't think that the overlay file system was supported yet with the
linux 2.6 kernels ?
If it is where can I get it ?

My first disk is 200G and the second disk is 200G. The first is full
with recordings (although a lot will expire). I need to have 200+200G
available for recordings, so I can't just mount the second disk over the
first disks recordings directory.



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