[mythtv-users] Solution to FC 3 and ivtv-fb system hang

David Smith rdsmith at pobox.com
Fri Dec 17 01:02:55 UTC 2004

Ok, after beating on this for a couple of days I think I'm on to something.

Like many others I've gotten stuck loading ivtv-fb ( Jarod's guide) without 
hanging the console.

Basically, I got rid of the rhgb boot option in /boot/grub/grub.conf and 
added vesa=792 (1024x768 16m).
Now, I can load and UNLOAD ivtv and ivtv-fb at will. WooHooo!

The vesa option forces /dev/fb0 to the console framebuffer and my 350 to 

What I don't understand and I hope someone can explain is.  Why is it that 
the rhgb option implies a console frambuffer will be used does it not get 
assigned to fb0?

Anyway, thought I'd share... Off to play...

Comments appreciated.

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