[mythtv-users] Any problems installing mythtv-suite by apt-get, then recompiling mythtv for DVB support (FC2)?

Nick Morrott pvr at insidethex.co.uk
Thu Dec 16 17:14:55 UTC 2004

As a pre-emptive strike against potential problems, I currently have MythTV
0.16 installed via apt-get from atrpms.net. This works perfectly with just
the PVR350 card but I am in the process of getting my Nova-T PCI installed
and understand I need to recompile mythtv to get DVB support.

Under FC2 (I've compiled a new 2.6.10-rc2 kernel to get X working on the
350) am I likely to encounter any problems if I just compile mythtv with dvb
support? Should it just work, or will there be path/library/module issues? I
don't want to have to recompile everything ( the add-ons) if I can help it,
and was hoping by just recompiling mythtv with the correct settings file I
should be able to migrate over to DVB with any issues.

Please let me know if you've had problems doing things this way, or whether
it should *just work*.

Many thanks,


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