[mythtv-users] Question about Chris's new tuners patch.

Tyler Drake pcjabber at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 15:42:00 UTC 2004

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 16:07:04 +0100, Asciimonster
<asciimonster at myrealbox.com> wrote:
> I've got a question about the new tuner path from Chris Kennedy. Since

Well, truly, the place to ask this would be ivtv-users, but...

> it's marked for a specific kernel version, I'll have to downgrade my
> kernel (I want to stick with 2.4). Does this mean I have to recompile

Hmm. OK. If you want to stick with 2.4, that's your choice, but,
personally, I love my config using 2.6. Works very well (especially
with IVTV).

> everything (ivtv, mythtv, mysql, lame, etc)? [I just don't want to work

Are you already running the kernel you're staying with? (2.4 in this
case). If so, and everything is compiled for 2.4, the only thing you
_should_ need to recompile is IVTV for the new version (I am assuming
you're upgrading to a new version). If everything's compiled for 2.6,
then, yes, you will need to recompile all of it (as far as I know).

> up a sweat if none is needed].
> By the way, has somebody got an unofficial howto about this proces?

What process?

Hope this helps!

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