[mythtv-users] How to add more recording disk space: Christmas iscoming !

Phill Edwards phill_edwards at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 16 10:24:43 UTC 2004

> Any ideas on how I can extend the recordings directory disk space
> used by MythTv temporarily?
> I wish to add an extra hard disk to my server, just for Christmas,
> to record extra programs.
> What I would like to do is simply add an extra directory to the
> "Directory to hold recordings" setup option, like:
> /data/video:/extra/video
> Any other ideas, remember this is temporary I don't what to
> mess around with raid or any other more major schemes ?

Would a symlink work Install the the new disk, move existing recordings onto 
it. Make /data/video a symlink to the appropriate dir on your new disk. When 
it's all over just change te symlink back to a real dir and move your 
recordings back.

That nice 'n' easy and should work, shouldn't it?


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