[mythtv-users] xine won't play mpeg4 nuv files

Chris Eddington chrise at principia.edu
Thu Dec 16 08:44:46 UTC 2004


I've got Mythtv all setup on my Suse9.1 system - what a great piece of
software. Thanks to all who contributed.

Everthing is working great for me except Xine won't play my nuv files
after they are transcoded to Mpeg4 files.  I'm using PVR-250 and it
plays the original mpeg2 files just fine.

I've built mythtv, xine, kaffeine from source and installed all the
codec dlls for quicktime etc.  Is there a special plugin I need to
install to get Xine to play the Mythtv mpeg4 .nuv files?


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