[mythtv-users] MythTVMediaCenter theme and OSD updated

Phill Edwards phill_edwards at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 15 22:33:48 UTC 2004

>Do you mean in the context menus? On my machine it shows a marque (dotted 
>white line) on the button which has focus. You can easily change the 
>highlighted button's color by editing qlook.txt. Try changing
>str ActiveHighlight=#37884D
>str ActiveHighlight=#44A65F
>Is that enough? You can try a more drastic color if necessary. I made all 
>active buttons green because disabled buttons are blue and I wanted to 
>avoid confusion. However, I will take another look at it to see if I can 
>create more contrast.

Thanks. I'll give that a go. But before I can do that...

When I posted last night I subsequently rebooted my machine and when 
mythfrontend came back up the UI was totally shot - only 1 menu item 
displaying at a time, strange box outlines everywhere etc. Other themes 
still worked fine so I obviously hadn't installed your theme correctly. I 
had already installled MythTVMediaCenter from a .rpm and then I just 
untarred your tar file into the /usr/share/themes/MythTVMediaCenter 
directory. Was that wrong? perhaps I should have uninstalled the .rpm 1st? 
What is the correct procedure for installing this?

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