[mythtv-users] NEW - BIG PROBLEM! Watching LiveTV is very slow !!!!!

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Dec 15 21:13:20 UTC 2004

Brad Templeton wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 05:04:15PM -0800, Bruce Markey wrote:
>>Even if you wanted to watch near real time, whatever that means
>>or if it really mattered, you're still better off watching the
>>recorded file in progress than relying on the ringbuffer. If
> Indeed, but this is just advice because the ringbuffer needs some
> design work.

Well, that's repositioning what my "advice" was to pivot to
another subject. Actually, I did mean to say that if you want
to have something that you can watch to the end at your convenience,
press "R". I know of no possible behavior of a temporary buffer
that would make it a better option than to record.

>   It should be damn near impossible to lose the ringbuffer.
> Even if you change channels, even if you kill the front end.  You
> should be able to rewind back through channel changes (possibly with
> a pause and warning as you go through them).


> Of course, you can attain this by asking for a recording rather than
> ring buffer.

Right. Given that, I don't much care about test mode behavior
as long as I can see the signal quality for each channel and
experiment with recording parameters. Then I know that I'm
ready to record the things I'm going to sit and watch.

> A common trick for sports and other live items on Tivo is as follows:

An even better trick is to just record the darn thing ;-).
Watch something else when it starts and never fret if you've
fallen more than 30 minutes behind and don't worry that you
might forget and press the channel button while watching.
The right answer is just a click away but I think the real
issue is that old habits are hard to break.

-- bjm

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