[ivtv-devel] Re: [mythtv-users] Nonlinear MPEG2 editor that doesn't suck?

Scott Alfter mythtv at salfter.dyndns.org
Wed Dec 15 18:29:17 UTC 2004

On Wed, Dec 15, 2004 at 07:48:07AM +0100, Leo Weppelman wrote:
> I have this too! I noticed that playing the stream with mplayer had no
> problems. Doing something like:
>    mencoder <nuv> -oac copy -ovc copy -o <nuv.out>
> rebuild the B-frames in avidemux now and all is fine....

It also writes an AVI (containing MPEG video and MPEG or AC3 audio,
depending on the source) instead of an MPEG-2 program stream.  Adding "-of
mpeg" is what you most likely want:

mencoder <nuv> -of mpeg -oac copy -ovc copy -o <nuv.out>

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