[mythtv-users] Remote backend probs..

Joakim Kolsjö trejje at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 02:14:15 UTC 2004


First i had both backend and frontend on this computer. Now i've put
the backend on a P3-600. I use an pvr-250 to get the video input.

When i play old recodings (done when both backend and frontend was on
this comp) they play just fine streaming over the network but when i
watch new recodings they have choppy video and sound and play seem to
play slightly faster than normal.

Ok... what about the stream then?

Well... if i do dd if=/dev/video0 of=somefile.mpg before trying to
watch with mythtv i get perfect video and sound, in sync, everything
as it should be and after i get good video and sound, but it plays
much faster than usual.

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