[mythtv-users] Network Connection and Other Issues

Brian May bam at snoopy.apana.org.au
Wed Dec 15 00:26:38 UTC 2004


Last night I encountered two problems. Mythtv wants me to believe that
they were a coincidence, but I want a second opinion if they are
coincidence or not.

Issue 1. My network card on my mythtv backend server is dodgy, because
the network cable doesn't lock into place. This is annoying because
(obviously) the network goes down. It also means that the network
adaptor looses its DHCP assigned IP address, which means the front end
running on the same box no longer can talk to the backend.

I considered trying to fix this so the frontend uses localhost (and only on the backend computer) and will work even if the
network goes down, but this seems to provide a convenient way of
realizing that a problem exists...

This is under the assumption that the backend will continue recording
OK (note: mysql database is set up using localhost).

Issue 2. Last night at 2330, my network went down due to the plug
coming out a fraction. After that, mythtv was no longer able record a
TV show at 0000 (they ended up being empty files). The log files
reported errors on my DVB card.

Is this a coincidence? Or was it perhaps due to the fact the antenna
connection fell out of the DVB card, and somehow ended up being
plugged into the video connection of my other TV card...

Oh well, forget my ramblings, I think I just worked out this problem
too ;-). Now to find the culprit who plugged the plug in the wrong

Anyway, just some issues to think about (especially point #1) when
setting up a mythtv system that may not be immediately obvious. Point
#1 may be important for some, if for example the network goes down for
any reason or the DHCP server goes down while watching TV...

I don't consider these issues to be mythtv's fault (although it would
be nice if it could detect no DVB signal as an error and display some
sort of notification to the user instead of continuously trying to
record the show...).

Also, just letting you all know how much I like wires and plugs ;-).
Brian May <bam at snoopy.apana.org.au>

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