[mythtv-users] hauppauge 350 tvout no go!

John Harvey john.p.harvey at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 14 22:29:05 UTC 2004

These config & log files now have nothing about loading ivtv drivers in
There was a post a little while ago about getting X to work on the 350. It
might be worth looking over that and seeing if there is something that you
have missed or follow that guide and see where you get to.

If it really says that it cant open /dev/fb0 then it sounds like you don't
have ivtv-fb module loaded.
You can check this with lsmod.
Also try running 

ivtvfbctl /dev/fb0 -prepframe

and see if you get a constantly changing pattern on the tv out. At least
this will prove the driver etc. are loaded and working.


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> David Erickson wrote:
> >Dave,
> >
> >I had some significant problems getting it to work myself but i am still
> >using Redhat 9.  I can tell you that I know several people on here have
> >gotten it to work on FC3.  Unfortunately the X windows version that Red
> >Hat 9 and FC3 uses are different so I can't help other than to suggest
> you
> >follow Jarod's website's instruction very clearly as I have never had a
> >problem when I followed that.  I'll be updating to FC3 after the
> holiday's
> >but hopefully you'll get around this stump before then.
> >
> >Dave
> >
> >
> >
> >>Sorry for the following frustration but I have mythtv working in FC3 and
> >>all is well recording.
> >>Ok here goes my rant.
> >>http://www.hauppauge.com/html/wintvpvr350_datasheet.htm
> >>I would suggest users just buy the 250 as the X tvout does not seem to
> >>work for me.
> >>If I go to myth setup/utilities>playback use pvr-350 out.
> >>I can in fact use the watch tv or playback a video and it does work with
> >>poor color but I cannot ween myself from using a monitor. I want/need
> >>pvr-350 tvout to display the X desktop. If I did not in fact have the
> >>monitor plugged in I would not be able to use the mythfrontend menu.
> >>lspci reports:
> >>01:09.0 Multimedia video controller: Internext Compression Inc iTVC15
> >>MPEG-2 Enc
> >>oder (rev 01)
> >>
> >>cat /var/log/messages |grep "iTVC15 TV out"
> >>Reports:
> >>Dec 13 20:38:34 mythbox kernel: ivtv-osd: fb0: iTVC15 TV out frame
> >>buffer device
> >>SO the way I see it "I" can't get this to work.
> >>SO here is what I'm thinking.
> >>One of the following:
> >>Buy another graphics card and torture myself to possibly getting it to
> >>work to display X desktop with tvout.
> >>Getting an xbox and try to use it as a frontend.
> >>Continue to try to get X desktop to display on the pvr-350 tvout.
> >>
> >>Or could I possibly get a product like this display from vga to
> >>component video and leave well enough alone?
> >>
> >>Specifications for HD15 (VGA) Male to RCA x 3 Male, D / Shield, (VGA to
> >>Component Video), 6 ft Part Number 10H1-50106
> >>http://www.national-tech.com/specs/10h2-50106.htm
> >>(I'm thinking this looks like the easiest way to go if it would in fact
> >>work)
> >>
> >>Does anyone have the pvr-350 displaying X desktop?
> >>If so how?
> >>Please advise.
> >>
> >>Regards
> >>Dave Ashmore
> >>
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> >
> >
> >
> >
> Ok here is my files but I edited them back to the original state.
> I know when it locks up the cpu there is something on the screen that
> says /dev/fb0 no such device.
> I would assume its in the log file but this stuff is way over my head
> the troubleshooting aspect.
> My files are posted here:
> http://djash.com/pvr350
> If there is anything else we need to troubleshoot please let me know.
> --
> Regards
> Dave Ashmore
> MDK 10.1 Official Mozilla 1.7.3

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