[mythtv-users] Re: Hard Drives that Actually Work?

CrAzY mAD krazymad at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 14 20:44:26 UTC 2004

As jra at baylink pointed out, no IDE personal
computer drive, from any manufacture, is designed to
run 24x7x365.  
According to Seagate, a PS (personal storage) drive is
only designed to be on for 8 hours a day, 300 days a
year.  This equates to 2,400 hours a year.  A ES
(enterprise storage) drive runs 8,760 hours on a
24x7x365 schedule.  Those additonal hours increased
the failure rate almost two-fold!  "Past work
comparing the reliability of PS against ES drives
reported a filure rate of 25% for 24 IDE drives
against 2% for 368 SCSI drives over an 18 month
period.  However, these numbers cannot be treated as a
controlled sutdy due to the very small smaple size for
the PS drives." ~ Seagate whitepaper

There's a very interesting read on this in a Seagate

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