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nate s nate.strickland at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 20:23:32 UTC 2004

> The Daily Show has always been a good example for the "generic"
> episode problem. They always used to only list the generic "A
> humorous slant on top news stories." with the generic programid.
> Ever since John Edwards announced his candidacy, or was it when
> Bill Clinton was a guest, they've been pretty good about always
> having descriptions for new episodes but still use the generic
> description when they show re-runs or if the guest hasn't been
> determined yet.
> As it stands now, myth's "Record new episodes only" generally
> sees generic episodes as out of date and marks then as repeats.
> Whether they should be assumed to be old or unknown and therefore
> possibly new is debatable. However, recording new episodes for
> TDS generally works except they sometimes don't have the guest
> list for the week in by Monday and so Monday's show may still
> be generic even though it is a new show.
> Another approach to TDS, Tech TV's "The Screen Savers" or other
> shows that have a regularly scheduled time, repeats throughout
> the day and no descriptions would be to have something like a
> daily FindOne. In other words, say I set TDS once a day at 11pm.
> If it couldn't record at 11 then try 1am then 10am so that it
> would record once per 24 hour period. The same would be useful
> for weekly shows. Record "Discoveries This Week" (never a desc.)
> once from Fri at 5pm until the next Fri at 5pm. Same for "Best
> week Ever", "Topic A With Tina Brown" or any other such show for
> current events where the description isn't available ahead of time.
> --  bjm
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That sounds to me like a great idea.  I've been wanting the exact same
thing myself, and have been considering how to impliment it (not being
a dev)  I was thinking about writhing a script to mess with the
database to show that specific episodes are the same, or something. 
If there were native support for something like this, that'd be great.

Here where I live, The Daily Show airs for the first time at 8pm, then
again at 10:30, then at 7am and 4pm the next day, monday through
thursday, with the 4pm on both friday and monday being a repeat of the
one on thursday.  Those four are always the same episode, rerun or
new, and usually all have a generic discription, or when there is a
real description, it's only on the first two at 8 and 10:30.  It'd be
great to be able to tell myth that "these are all the same; these are
the new ones."  In my case, I can do the rerun checking manually
without a problem, but I'd really like to have it be able to record
any showing to be able to work around conflicts.

Also, if each "new" episode could have a different id in the database,
such that keeping a certian number of episodes worked right, that'd be


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