[mythtv-users] pvr-350 tv-out hanging in live tv

Egon Burgener egon.burgener at terreactive.ch
Tue Dec 14 17:06:44 UTC 2004


I am using kernel 2.6.8-1 and I had pretty the same problem with the
ivtv-driver. But since I have patched my kernel to use software suspend
2 the tv-out has never been hanging again. The software suspend patch
breaks the ivtv code, so you have to adapt it (I had to change 2 lines
in the driver source code). 

Second problem:
Which Xserver do you use? 
I really recommend ivtvdev_drv_o. You will find it in the utils
directory of ivtv.
Do you have DMA enabled on your DVD-Drive?
Do you have DMA enabled on your Harddisk?


Am Di, 2004-12-14 um 14.03 schrieb Juan C. Gallardo:
> Hello
> I just manage to get the pvr-350 work over X. It looks great! and I will 
> like to keep using it, but I am having two problems.
> The first as says on the title. When I try to watch live tv it hangs, 
> after a minute or something like that.
> I have selected to use the pvr-350 in the tv setup.
> My videos plays perfect with mplayer, from inside and outside of 
> mythfrontend.
> The second problem is that if I try to watch a DVD is veeeery slow. I am 
> using xine to play DVDs. I am guessing that it has to be something about 
> playing MPG movies over X with the ivtv driver. So is tehre a way to use 
> xine to play dvd over X using the pvr-350 tv output?
> I think I have read something about a special version of xine to use 
> with the pvr-350. Is that what I should use? if so, where can I found it?
> Of course, the first problem is the most important. I really want to use 
> the pvr output, it looks soooo much better than my nvidia output, the 
> colors are perfect.
> Any idea, anyone?
> Thanks in advance
> Juan
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