[mythtv-users] I Can't get CVS build to work w/ my PVR350 setup anymore

Chris Delis cedelis at uillinois.edu
Tue Dec 14 16:56:18 UTC 2004

Hello All,

For the past year or so, I have been able to keep up with CVS builds
no problem.  Thankfully, each time I perform an upgrade (every month or
so), I make backups of everything!

My last successful upgrade was Oct. 1st.  I realize that a lot of activity
has been going on since then.  Has something fundamentally changed in
the code that deals with the PVR350?

I am using ivtv version 0.1.9a and it (like everything else) has worked
fine for over a year now.  With the latest CVS build, mythbackend seems
to work just fine.  It can record shows and livetv perfectly (the .nuv
files are correct).  However mythfrontend seems to hang when I try to
view a recording or livetv.  There are no error messages or anything.
The TV screen initially shows me which input I'm using (Composite 0)
and then turns black.

Any ideas?  Would it help if I compiled the code with debug information?
Like I said, myth isn't crashing or anything; mythfrontend simply doesn't
play anything.



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