[mythtv-users] Thoughts on CD ripping

Andrew Wilson agwilson at rhetorical.com
Tue Dec 14 15:50:10 UTC 2004

Here's what I'm trying to do, has anyone tried this before....?

When I put a CD into the drive, I want the system to immediately start 
playing it just as a proper CD player would, while at the same time 
ripping it to disk so you don't need to put the CD in again.

- Can myth do this? Can any other music programs do this?

I'm using an EPIA M10k which doesn't have enough oomph to encode to mp3 
in a reasonable timeframe, looking at about 30 mins for a CD, which is 
too long.

However, I've got a nice fast CD rom, which in theory should be able to 
copy a music CD to disk in a couple of minutes or so.

So, how about this for an idea:
- Read the CD into a (ISO?) file, and start playing the audio 
immediately from the file rather than off the CD.
- Eject the CD as soon as the disk has been read, but continue to play 
audio out of the ISO image
- Rip the ISO to mp3/ogg/whatever in your own time, and delete the ISO 
once it's completed.

Is this feasible? Where would I start?


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