[mythtv-users] Hard Drives that Actually Work?

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Tue Dec 14 15:19:59 UTC 2004

funny you should type that i have the exact same drive dead on my 
table.  A friend asked if i could recover it, but its pretty much DOA.

I have had alot of luck with seagates, they run cool and extremly 
quiet.  I have about 7 seagates in my home network non have gone belly 
up as of yet


>I just had my second Western Digital Special Edition 200 GB drive die on me.  Since I'm using an ASUS Pundit, I figured heat was the culprit, so the second drive had a dual-fan cooler on it.  No such luck.  After about three months of use, performance suddenly degrades, and the journals begin to corrupt.  A few days later, I/O errors crop up, and the drive is pretty much useless.  
>Are these drives just not up to the stress of a PVR?  I'm interested in hearing what kind of drives people have had good luck with, as I've about had it with these.  I'll get my third on warranty, but It won't be going back into a myth box.
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