[mythtv-users] One guide, two channel sources

Matthew Laird myth at delirious.ca
Tue Dec 14 03:53:33 UTC 2004

I have an interesting situation I'm trying to figure out how to make myth
behave properly in....

So, because I have a digital cable box, some of my channels I can only
record through the box by setting it to the channel I want to tape and
hooking it to the svideo input of my PVR-350.  The other analog channels I
use the coax connector so I don't have to fiddle with the digital box for

I'm using the ZapIt North America data source for the guide, and I have
myth configured so channels above 70 come from Svideo and below from coax.

The problem came when I tried to have myth load program data into both
channel sets.  Everytime mythload runs it recreates ALL the channels for
both sources.  This means I have 130 channels for source 1 and 2 on the
card, obviously a small problem....  If I manually delete the channels it
works, until the load script runs again....

Is there any way to have it load the channels as they are without trying
to create them for both sources?  The way I originally got it working was
going into mysql and doing two things:
- In the source table copying the ZapIt configuration from source 2 to
source 1.
- In the channels table changing the source to 1 for all the upper
channels and changing the chanid from 2130 to 1130 (for example).

Is there anything else I have to do to stop it from creating all the
channels every night?


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