[mythtv-users] X over PVR-350

Dan Wilga dwilga at mtholyoke.edu
Tue Dec 14 03:09:06 UTC 2004

Ah, that it very likely the reason for the problem in my case. Thanks for 
figuring this out, John.

From: "John Harvey" <john.p.harvey at btinternet.com>

>There was a bug introduced that caused it to always use /dev/fb0 so if your
>fb device was something else then it could have this effect. Changing the
>fbdev option to ivtv fixes that problem.
>I will be creating a new ivtv driver to fix this problem and check the
>device properly in the near future.
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> > I found that the latest version of ivtvdev_drv.o would cause X to hog
> > 99% of the CPU and not output anything. I ended up reverting to a
> > version from October 16, which is 17902 bytes.

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