[mythtv-users] software mpeg decoding performance

Paul Miller paul at pinheiro.dyndns.org
Tue Dec 14 01:47:52 UTC 2004

I'm deciding whether or not to buy a PVR-250/500 or 350.  I have a 
Radeon 9700 AIW video card and I'm thinking about shelling out for a 
DVI->HDMI cable such that I can connect it digitally to my HD TV, 
instead of using the s-video from a PVR-350.

I'm wondering how much CPU resources are needed to decode MPEG?  I 
want to be able to fast forward and rewind without and slow downs.  
My computer is a P3-800MHz.  Do I need a hardware decoder to get this 
kind of performance?


BTW- Is there an efficient way to search the mailing list archives???

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