[mythtv-users] ATI and Xv

Nezar Nielsen nezar.nielsen at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 22:18:15 UTC 2004

On Mon, 13 Dec 2004 13:26:27 -0500, Tom Williams wrote:
> I am having a few issues with video performance, on machine, and I am
> wondering if I can very if the Xv support is enabled / working somehow in my
> installation.  I have XF86 4.3.0, and when I use xawtv for example I can not
> view the video using the Overlay Mode, and I am wondering if that might have
> something to do with the choppy video I get in mythfrontend as well?  I have
> the ATI Drivers installed from ATI….I will be testing some more tonight, but
> any help would be great. 

I have the same behaviour, what I see is if i use X's native support
for multiple screens, I get no XV(running xvinfo supports this) If I
however try and use the ATI driver's twinview thing, I get xv (but my
settings are somehow wrong atm. so my tv displays the image all wrong
so it's not usable on the tv out..

Mvh. Nezar Nielsen

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