[mythtv-users] New Australian XMLTV grabber

Rob Hillis rob at hillis.dyndns.org
Mon Dec 13 09:39:11 UTC 2004

Paul Andreassen wrote:

>On Sun, 2004-12-12 at 20:27, Rob Hillis wrote:
>>After far too long, I've changed over to this posted version of the
So far, that's been my reaction too.  I'm pleasantly surprised by it's speed over the old screen-scraper grabbers - probably one of the major reasons I put off the move for this long.

>> - it's working fine for the freesd channels, but when I run an
>>appropriately modified copy for Foxtel, I end up with the following...
>>        [...]
>>        Use of uninitialized value in string at
>>        /usr/bin/tv_grab_au_foxtel line 722.
>This is probably caused by have no data to download.
That was my initial guess, though I couldn't be sure.

>>Doesn't do anything, even if left alone for a few hours.  I probably
>>should point out that the Foxtel channels aren't in my channels table
>>(yet) though I doubt this is the cause of the problem.  A diff between
>>the two scripts yeilds the following...
>Look good to me.
I didn't think there was a problem there, but best to be sure.

>>                print PRN "$pidsrowspansnames[$#pidsrowspansnames]";
>I believe this is the line giving grieve.
Yep, that was the one.  Apparently Thunderbird didn't think to highlight 
it in any way when converting to text only...

>>I am as sure as I can be that I have copied the script verbatim.  My
>>knowledge of PERL is near zero, though I know enough C/C++ to be able
>>to make some sense of the code.
>Read the 'man perlintro' and you should be ok.
Perl makes me nervous... I've heard multiple times that it can be far 
more complex and unreadable than C/C++, and given what I've learnt about 
regular expressions, I have no problem believing that... :)  I have no 
doubt what you lose in readability and simplicity, you pick up in 
bucketloads in flexibility, but it *does* make for a steep learning curve.

>>  That line does look a little odd, though I'd be willing to bet the
>>difference between $pids.. and $#pids is like the difference between a
>>variable and a pointer, so I may well be wrong.
>Perl is much more convoluted than that. 
That's what I was afraid of... :)

>>Is anyone else running in to this?  Is it just me?
>Not may people use the foxtel stuff.
Silly think is that I'm not - yet.  I've been asked if I want to share 
the cost of a Foxtel connection with my father (it's incredible - you 
move out of home into your own place and one of your parents moves with 
you...)  Since I work rather a lot, I'm not interested if I have a lot 
of trouble integrating Foxtel into MythTV, so I was starting to cover 
the bases by adding channels to see what's on...

I haven't started toying with how to get the audio/video to MythTV yet, 
whether it be via SVIDEO/composite to a BT878 card or via a DVB-S card 
with a CAM.  Obviously the latter would be vastly preferable, though 
being a consortia essentially between channel 9 and Tel$tra, I have no 
doubt that my wishes have been taken into account and a product 
providing exactly the opposite will be provided.

>I've attached a fixed version and here is a test output:
I'm trying that at the moment.  Whilst I'm no longer getting the errors, 
the hanging may not yet be fixed...  Now I'm getting:-

    mythtv bin # tv_grab_au_foxtel
    grabing 7 days into /var/local/tv_grab_au_foxtel/guide.xml
    starting 5 threads
    loading queue
    12122004 unchanged
    13122004 downloading
    14122004 downloading
    15122004 downloading
    16122004 downloading
    17122004 downloading
    18122004 downloading
    19122004 downloading
    queue is complete

Repeated du -h commands in the cache directory does not reveal 
incremental disk usage. It's only been running for around ten minutes, 
so I'll leave it alone for a while and see what transpires...

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