[mythtv-users] Frontends all around the house

Brian Meehan bmeehan at rescueteam.com
Mon Dec 13 02:19:41 UTC 2004

I'd like to do this same thing, but I wonder will I still be able to use the
Xbox as a game console? I have the Xectuer 2.3b installed with a 160GB HD. I
just bought a new 200GB HD and wouldn't mind some funky partitions if it
meant I could use the same console for 2 purposes. I have heard some folks
talk about the switch on the Xectuer 2.3 being the key... Is anyone on this
list doing just that?

Sorry if I'm getting too off-topic. Thanks!

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  I found that the xbox is a decent front end it's cheap comes with
everything you need and very very easy to setup


have a look here  there's a install script that gets a xbox installed with
xebian in about a hour well for me anyways

Latz Mary

>For sometime now, I've been running MythTV in the living room and the 
>experience has been great. Now, I'd like to add more frontends in the 
>house but I'm stuck with hardware decisions.
>Currently, my backend is also my main file server running on a used 
>PowerEdge 1400 server with p3/800 cpu witch is enough for my DVB card.
>The (current) frontend is a clone p3/866 with an Nvidia MX440 and a 
>9gig HD.
>The only problem with this setup is the lack of remote control. I have 
>to use my wireless keyboard. While I never lost it like a regular 
>remote control, it's cumbersome. :)
>The backends holds my archived mp3, dvd and recordings as well as my 
>dvd writer when the HD capacity reaches a critical point. :)
>After much googling(tm), I found myself with more questions then 
>answers so I thought I'd ask this mailing list.
>I'm looking for something cheap with a as-small-as-possible footprint 
>(for example an openbrick or one of mini-itx.com's projects) while 
>getting enough CPU for mpeg4 processing.
>Living in an apartment, I'd rather not add more cabling to the place so 
>a Wi-Fi setup would be ideal _and_ portable. My Wi-Fi router is a 
>802.11g, I believe it's enough bandwidth even for LiveTV but I rarely 
>use this feature; I record everything and watch what I want when it's 
>TV time. Else, MythVideo is my friend.
>Just the thought of only plugging power and A/V cables is soothing. :)
>Eliminating the need for a hard drive would also be great. Booting from 
>LAN or from a CF (tho, expensive solution) would be great.
>Optionally, for a frontend, KnoppMyth could boot on CD but cdroms can 
>be noisy.
>Speaking of KnoppMyth, I realise that this frontend box would also need 
>to be widely supported by the community, I've read that Epia 6000 boxes 
>suffer a Unichrome driver issue (I have read as much as I'd like on 
>this issue.)
>So, in short, does a small, cheap, wi-fi (fanless?) box with enough cpu
>Optionally, a pre-assembled box would be great. I've been building PCs 
>for years now and frankly, I'm tired of it. But if price is an issue, 
>I'm prepared for it. :)
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