[mythtv-users] Resolution for PAL analgue TV

Phill Edwards phill_edwards at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 13 01:41:52 UTC 2004

>>>Yes, I believe that is the correct resolution for PAL.  Where exactly
>>>are you setting this resolution - as you state below, X doesn't like
>>>resolutions that aren't available on your video card.
>>In the mythtv ASettings -->T Vsettings --> Recording Profiles --> Software
>>Encoders on the Image Size screen.
>It sounds like that is where your cpu usage problem is.  I think the 
>front-end will be trying to resize the output when it doesn't need resizing 
>(because it's already at 720x576).  But what you've changed doesn't modify 
>the resolution of your X output.  What I think you want to do is create an 
>appropriate mode line in your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file to output X at 

Thanks Craig. Just so I'm clear, then, are you advising that I leave the 
settings in the Image Size setup screen as 480 x 480 (which I think is the 
installation default)?


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