[mythtv-users] New Custom Record

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Dec 12 19:57:25 UTC 2004

John Patrick Poet wrote:
> I just tried the new [Custom Record] option in the Myth CVS.  This is 
> really COOL!

Good to hear.

> PBS has a neat series called "blah blah blah, A Naked Planet Special".  
> Using [Custom Record], it is easy to set up a rule to record these shows.

This might also be possible with Search Words->Titles "Naked Planet"
and click "Record" unless there are some other clauses needed. These
would be essentially the same, however, with custom record you can
give the rule whatever display name you'd like and you could add
other criteria for more specific matching.

> I only have one complaint; it does not seem to match "Previously 
> Recorded" correctly.  It wants to record episodes I have already seen.  
> Or am I setting it up wrong?

You probably have the custom record set up right but I think
this is a bug (read over sight on my part) for this type of show
regardless of the record rule. The duplicate detection sees these
DD listings as unidentified episodes of a series so it wants to
record all of them. However, they are actually each individual
specials and each special should only be recorded once. I think
this is solvable by also checking the "showtype". I'll look into

In general duplicate matching does work normally. For the "Sci-fi
B-movies" example, it recorded one each of "The Angry Red Planet",
"Mothra", "Mars Needs Women", "The Blob", etc. and marked the rest
as Previously Recorded. After an initial rush, I now expect to get
another different campy movie about once a month.

--  bjm

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